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April's WHL Sale:

15% off Select Digestive Supplements

Hello and Happy Spring!

I hope this email finds you well.

Often times Spring is associated with Spring cleaning. In the health world, it often is a time to cleanse the liver and renew the body. 

In honor of Spring, this month's wholesale sale will be 15% off our key digestive support supplements: CapraZyme, CandaCleanse, CapraSite and CapraCleanse.

We also have chosen to focus this month's sale on the digestive system as about 70-80% of your immune system is found in your digestive system, so it is important that it is running effectively. A digestive system that is working it's best will help to reduce the toxic burden on the body.



CapraZyme is a high potency, broad spectrum, vegetarian enzyme blend that assists with the digestion of fats, proteins, carbs, fiber and lactose, with the inclusion of lactase. It also contains anti-inflammatory herbs like ginger and turmeric.


CandaCleanse is our Overgrowth Support supplement. It contains a combination of potent herbs, enzymes, whole foods and medium chain fatty acids. It encourages the re-establishment of a balanced intestinal microflora via stimulation of the immune system. 


CapraSite is an herbal intestinal support supplement. It contains key ingredients like Pau d'Arco, Oregano, Wormwood, Black Walnut and Pumpkin Seeds that keep away unwanted guests and promote intestinal wellness. It also contains mushrooms for immune support.


CapraCleanse is a complete intestinal cleanse formula. It has over 20 proven ingredients that assist the body with cleansing and detoxification. It is helpful in aiding elimination, yet does not contain harsh laxatives and can be used daily.

In order to get the 15% off discount on these four products, use the following coupon code on our wholesale portal:


If you call in your order, don't forget to mention the discount on the phone. 


Stay healthy and take care of yourself,


Jeff Andersen

Nutritional Therapy Consultant

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